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Caring for Infants - Trusting Your Feelings

by Jacqueline Mast
May/June 1991
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Every caregiver of infants is aware that babies develop differently, each at his or her own pace. Even among siblings, developmental rates and patterns are unique and individual. However, during the first year of life, normal development generally follows a series of related and specific milestones which are predictable to within a few weeks.

Occasionally, a baby comes along whose development just does not seem to fit. The caregiver is usually the first person to feel that something is out of the ordinary. A gut level feeling says that things are just not right. It may not even be something the caregiver can put his or her finger on.

Researchers who created the Movement Assessment of Infants noted that a "gut level feeling" of abnormality was statistically significant in the early diagnosis of handicapped children (in this case, cerebral palsy was being studied).

If you feel there may be something wrong with one of the babies in your care, trust your feelings. Urge the parents to check it out with the child's doctor.

Others may tell you not to worry, the baby will outgrow it. However, the longer you put off dealing with your concerns, the worse you ...

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