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Catch a Falling Leaf: Meeting Our Other Mother Mother Nature

by Roslyn Duffy
September/October 2008
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The Pre-K teacher explained that today they were going to do a 'visualization.' They would close their eyes and imagine pictures in their minds. The children settled onto their mats as soft background music began to play.

"Imagine you are lying on a warm beach," their teacher said. "You can feel the soft, sun-warmed sand beneath your hands. Beside you is a large, blue lake. Its water makes a bubbly sound on the rocks and shore grasses rub together with a whispery noise. Then a pair of ducks fly overhead, quacking loudly."

That evening one of the children asked, "Mommy, how big is a beach?"

And another asked, "What is a lake, Daddy?"

A third child wondered how ducks could fly, since the ones at the zoo only floated in their pond.


The confusion of these children may seem extreme, like some futuristic science fiction tale but how many children experience nature in their daily lives? For many children and adults, daily contact with the natural world is rare. Seventy-year-old Margaret said, "I never had a plastic toy," and yet few parents today are likely to have childhood memories of climbing trees, catching frogs, or stirring up tasty mud ...

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