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Celebration of Ideas

July/August 2012
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So much of life is about generating ideas, relishing ideas, enjoying and expanding and exploring ideas. This, the 206th issue of Exchange, is a celebration of ideas. It has been created to inspire you, to challenge and even provoke you all for the love of a great idea.

Our work is grounded in the sharing of ideas. Great ideas and profound challenges pass from director to director, from advocate to advocate, from trainer to trainer, from child to child around the globe and here we sit in the midst of all those ideas, serving as the conduit, the connector.

As you read this issue,

listen to the voices of children
enjoy diverse perspectives from professionals outside early childhood, outside education
reflect on strategies and insights from our diverse team of authors
use the quotations to noodle on
pursue the excerpts from books that appeal to you
consider your own abilities and confidences around generating ideas
make your own creativity visible to yourself and to others
share great ideas through Exchange and the World Forum and other channels of your choosing
foster creativity in those around you children and adults
enjoy ...

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