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Certifications to Look For When Shopping ‘Green’

by Adam Neugebauer
September/October 2009
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A couple of times a year I find myself stuck with the same dreaded task: buying toothpaste. Calling it ‘dreaded’ may sound pathetic, but I know of no other errand that is so paradoxically simple in concept, yet impossible to complete with a feeling of success. On these dark occasions I pace back and forth down an inexplicably long selection of dental hygiene products, comparing “new and improved formula” to “advanced whitening” and “all-day cavity control” to “multi-cleaning action.” The toothpaste aisle becomes my temporary prison " though only partially of my own making! If I were willing to limit myself to one or two simple criteria (such as price and brand-preference), I could be in and out in the few seconds this task deserves. Unfortunately, I continue to place value in what is little more than impenetrable layers of verbiage crafted by marketing departments to sell products. Price is definitely important, but I would be willing to shell out an extra few quarters if it meant a cleaner, healthier mouth. So is “advanced whitening” better than “complete whitening”? And how do these stack up against “enhanced enamel protection”? I eventually just get fed up and then dejectedly proceed to the ...

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