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Changing Lives and Developing Brains

by Eric Gould, Ronna Kaplan, and Thea Wilson
January/February 2012
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As educators seek effective methodologies for success in the preschool classroom and beyond, one tool we should always consider is music. A music-infused learning environment cannot only reinforce core principles and concepts, but can also provide an enriched environment that strengthens social and behavioral outcome goals as well. At The Music Settlement in Cleveland Ohio, music is the key method that shapes all our various offerings.

It was recognized from our very founding that music provides a uniquely successful methodology upon which to base that assimilation and, despite our evolution to a more conventional community learning center, the original commitment to music has held up well. We feature three main departments that among them serve all ages, each of which has modules designed for preschool-aged children: Music, Music Therapy, and Early Childhood Education. Each department utilizes four core principles in constructing curriculum for their various class offerings:

1) Utilize music to build on a child's unique gifts and capabilities.
2) Develop and strengthen interpersonal connections.
3) Identify, reinforce, and reach individual goals.
4) Improve the individual's quality of life.

These four principles are reinforced by research and clinical evidence of their effectiveness and can be applied to similar programmatic or instructional designs across the ...

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