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Changing Times, Changing Play: Why Does It Matter?

by Diane E. Levin
September/October 2012
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“When we were growing up we were always outside on our own and didn’t have many toys. We had to use our imaginations. Our activities required us to interact with each other. Adults were not around. We had to resolve problems ourselves. When we were little, the big kids helped us. And then as we got older, we helped the younger kids. We hardly ever even see kids playing outside anymore.”

“We had freedom that allowed us to explore and figure out things ourselves. There was a creek that we were in for hours. We used sticks and mud and rocks and played there all day. We made it up as we went along. Today everything is structured. Children start having play dates when they are in preschool. And many parents try to get them to do ­academics and organized activities instead of play.”

“We didn’t have a toy for everything, so we had to pretend what something was. I can remember 10 different roles I gave my stuffed dog over several years of play. It’s a shame that today children are inside their houses glued to screens and not outside.”

“My mom is a gym teacher. She used to support young kids’ love ...

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