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Child Care and the New Economy

by Roger Neugebauer
September/October 2009
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Late in 2008, when it was becoming apparent that the economic downturn was not a simple blip but a serious recession, Warren Buffet confidently predicted that the American economy would bounce back and be as strong as ever. However, he observed, "the economy that emerges will not be the same economy that entered the downturn."

Since then, one could hardly pick up a newspaper or a magazine without seeing another article in which economic gurus describe with great confidence what this 'New Economy' will look like. For this trend report I have waded through tons of these forecasts to cull out a few areas where there is high agreement. In this issue of Exchange I will present what I see as the three pillars of the new economy; and in the next issue, I will lean on trusted trend watchers in the early childhood field to foretell how child care will be fare in the new economy.

Before launching into the pillars bit, I will offer two disclaimers:

First, one must note that many of the folks talking with great certainty about the new economy are the same folks who failed miserably to predict the current economic meltdown.

Second, as I burrow ...

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