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Children's Protagonism, Education, and Space Design

by Aldo Fortunati
July/August 2015
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San Miniato is a small local community that has progressively built an approach to children’s education based on the recognition of their protagonism and on the adult commitment to create and guarantee a system of opportunities to support its full expression. This is what has been named “the education of children as a community project,” considering in particular the deep involvement and engagement of families in services of daily life.



For almost 20 years, the Research and Documentation Centre on Childhood La Bottega di Geppetto, an institution of the Municipality of San Miniato, has promoted exchanges and sharing on children’s education starting from San Miniato’s experience. 

It is important to start with a reflection about the relation among policy and the assertion on children’s right to high-quality educational context.

It seems that childhood is still a prisoner of a curious witchcraft, even when the Convention on the Right of the Child has celebrated 25 years and has been approved by more than 200 countries in the world. The image of the child has always been a mediocre, poor, and diminutive image even if different disciplines consider ...

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