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Click, Click, Click . . .

by Dennis Vicars
September/October 2009
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In case you did not know, that last click you just heard was a would-be parent client that bypassed you because:

• Your web site was boring and not inviting.
• Your web site was confusing and not user-friendly.
• Your web site did not easily display the needed information.
• Your web site was incapable of responding to parents’ questions.
• All of the above.

The Internet has put immediate information at the fingertips of anyone who can drag and click a mouse (everyone under 35 years old can do this in their sleep). This immediate access to information provides consumers and businesses an instantaneous and inexpensive oppor-tunity to create a relationship. This opportunity for your school/center, not unlike the first five seconds of a greeting when your telephone is answered, will invite a parent to learn more about your operation and offerings or will motivate them to click away faster than they could hang up a telephone.

Your web site, not unlike your business card, is an invitation for a prospective parent to learn more about your services and gives them numerous ways (offer at least three): e-mail, phone, fax, etc.) to reach you and the school/center. People in their twenties, thirties, and forties ...

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