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Communicating with Parents About Food Allergies

by Belinda Cohen
July/August 2008
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About 3 million children in the United States have food allergies. Each year violent reactions to food kill almost 150 people. For teachers dealing with the food allergies of young children these can be frightening statistics. How do we keep our students safe? We must familiarize ourselves with food allergy facts so we can communicate openly and often with parents.

What every teacher needs to know about food allergies

Eight foods cause 90% of all allergic reactions to food. The only way to steer clear of a reaction is 100% avoidance of the offending food.

Soy "" Found in tofu and Asian dishes. Unexpected sources include hamburgers at fast food restaurants, baked goods (soy flour), and canned tuna.

Gluten " Found in wheat, rye, oats, and barley. Unexpected sources include gravies, Asian dishes, and hot dogs.

Peanuts " Found in baked goods, candies, and trail mixes. This allergen is potentially deadly which makes cross-contamination a concern. Unexpected sources can include jelly, as most families make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches: utensils dipped in peanut butter can be used again in jelly causing it to become contaminated.

Tree nuts " Found in brownies, cakes, and trail mixes. Tree nuts include any nut that isn’t a ...

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