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Consulting as a Cure For Director Burnout

September/October 1980
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It is 6 PM on Friday. The sink in the toddlers' room is still not draining, the quarterly tax report due yesterday is only half completed, and the Jamisons have not arrived to pick up little Meredith yet. After five years of Fridays like this, it is not surprising that directors start looking for more stimulating outlets for their skills. One outlet often considered is consulting. This article will outline some of the possibilities as well as some of the pitfalls in the consulting business based on the insights of 12 current and former child care directors who have experienced success as consultants.

Is Consulting for You?

For some directors consulting can provide a rewarding outlet for their skills and creative energies. But for others it is an impractical or impossible alternative. To decide whether it is right for you, you might consider the following questions:

Do you have the proper disposition?

Just because you can function effectively as a director does not mean you will be effective as a consultant. According to Max Kiltz, Childcare Management Services in Omaha, Nebraska, a child care director may be accustomed to exercising a great deal of control over her situation. When she makes a decision she ...

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