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Creative Staff Training is Key to Quality

by Karen Stephens
November/December 2001
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Director to director, let's talk turkey about program quality. No matter how spiffy and chic our child care center building may look, no matter how high techy we're able to equip and supply classrooms, and no matter how much money we can spend for public relations and advertising promotions - a program's quality is determined by staff attitude and performance - first, last, and always.

Staff are the most valuable, and tempermental, of program assets. Whether interacting with children, parents, or each other, how well staff meet their job challenges ultimately makes or breaks a program's image and reputation. Our programs are only as good as the staff we're able to hire, retain, support, and consistently motivate to high performance.

Without the strong underfooting of wise, committed staff who possess professional skills, program quality quickly slips down a slippery slope. Even our newly built, avant-garde child care buildings will be little more than warehouses. Void of energized and talented staff, any building is merely a shell where potential for engaging childhoods evaporates into thin air. In the wake are left hollow memories, not sustaining, life affirming ones. That abysmal picture shortchanges children and families, and most certainly robs the future of a ...

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