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Crisis Nurseries

by Darbi Haynes-Lawrence
January/February 2009
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I just talked to her and listened to her tell me how her family was broken and I just let her talk. And I know that somewhere, somehow she will remember me as a lady, maybe as "the big brown haired lady that was really nice to me." I know that the kids aren't going to remember my name or my face, but they'll remember that somewhere there was this lady that took really good care of me. I know that I have affected her life. (Elizabeth)

Elizabeth (Haynes-Lawrence & Harris, 2007) echoes the sentiments of many early childhood providers who are employed with crisis nurseries; they recognize the important role they play in the lives of children from stressful homes. Becoming a parent is an awesome event. Whether trying extensively to conceive, 'winning' on the first try, or becoming pregnant by accident, parenting is an over­whelm­ingly awesome responsibility. With parenting comes rewards and treasures, as well as many pitfalls and stressors. For many parents, the stress of parent­ing is tolerated because a family and community support system of emotional and physical resources is available. Other parents are not as fortunate; extended family may not be available, and resources in the ...

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