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Designing a Website for Parents

by Elisa Schleig
November/December 2012
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As early childhood educators, we are aware of the great importance of having parents involved and engaged in their children's education. Although personal contact is still the best, it is not possible to rely on only one method of communication with current and prospective families. A variety of strategies need to be considered to keep your communication with parents fresh. Some strategies you may already use, or be familiar with for ­communicating with your currently enrolled families include:

• Newsletters (electronic versions, as well as hard copies to take home)
• Open houses
• Trainings/workshops for parents
• Phone calls or phone trees
• Flyers in newspapers
• Home visits
• Take-home folders or journals

What you may not fully appreciate is that the rise in the number of homes with computers — the Census Bureau estimates over 62 million — opens up new possibilities for us in our work. These include ­creating websites for parents that can serve as a marketing tool for prospective families and a way of deepening your communication with currently enrolled families.

Websites for Parents

Designing websites for parents is a relatively new idea in the early childhood world. However, they are growing in popularity as the number of parents with access to the ...

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