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Early Childhood Education Leadership Issues

ITEM #: 5701016

This Set of Course Readings includes:

  • What Is A Leader, Anyway?
    by Marianne Jones
  • The Director's Role in Creating Community
    by Michael Koetje and Peter Blair
  • Performance Appraisals: One Step in a Comprehensive Staff Supervision Model
    by Susan Kilbourne
  • Quality Rating Systems The Experiences of Center Directors
    by Dana E. Friedman
  • Working Effectively With Different Personality Types
    by Diana Khanagov
  • Preparing a Teacher for Management
    by Martin Seidenfeld
  • Minimizing the Impact of Staff Changes
    by Cathy Abraham
  • Raising Quality Through Training: National Training Survey Results and Recommendations
    by Linda K. Smith
  • Becoming a Self-Mentor
    by Paula Jorde Bloom
  • Seeking More Possibilities
    by Margie Carter
  • Building Emotional Competence: A Strategy for Disaster Preparation and Recovery
    by Nancie Tonner West and Kay Albrecht
  • Supporting Teachers, Strengthening Families: A Model Child Abuse Prevention Approach
    by Maril Olson
  • Building Resilient Families: Issues Around Child Abuse Prevention
    by Nilofer Ahsan
  • Moving Kids Safely in Child Care: A Refresher Course
    by Laura Dutil Aird, MS

80% mastery is required to earn one (1) CEU. One CEU equals 10 training hours. The test must be completed within one year of registration.