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Staff Recruitment and Selection

ITEM #: 5701015

This Set of Course Readings includes:

  • Find, Attract, and Retain Workers With Affordable Benefits
    by Mark Battersby
  • Hiring for Professional, Creative Imagination
    by Ian Broinowski
  • Hiring the Right Person
    by Annette Cannata Heng
  • Caregivers of Quality
    by Sally Cartwright
  • Recruiting Male Volunteers to Build Staff Diversity
    by Bruce Cunningham
  • Hiring and Retaining Male Staff
    by Bruce Cunningham
  • Reduce Staff Turnover Through Effective Interviewing
    by Joanne Hamrick
  • Assessing Your Center to Create a Diverse Staff
    by Katherine S. Kolozak
  • Myths About Men Who Work With Young Children
    by Bryan G. Nelson
  • Am I Really Qualified?
    by Alison Neugebauer

80% mastery is required to earn one (1) CEU. One CEU equals 10 training hours. The test must be completed within one year of registration.