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Training Early Childhood Staff

ITEM #: 5701003

This Set of Course Readings includes:

  • Tuning In and Tuning Out
    by Luis A. Hernandez and Connie Jo Smith
  • Understanding Adults As Learners
    by Nancy P. Alexander
  • Working Effectively With Different Personality Types
    by Diana Khanagov
  • What do Teachers Need Most From Their Directors?
    by Margie Carter
  • Mature Teachers Matter
    by Patricia Scallan Berl
  • Transitions, Rituals, and Celebrations
    by Margie Carter
  • Indicators of Effective Teamwork
    by Margie Carter
  • Tolerance or Transformation: What's Our Training Goal
    by Margie Carter
  • When We Really See the Child
    by Sally Cartwright
80% mastery is required to earn one (1) CEU. One CEU equals 10 training hours. The test must be completed within one year of registration.