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Director Evaluation by Staff

by Margie Carter
May/June 1998
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Director Evaluation by Staff
Director: Date:

Establishing a Healthy Organizational Culture
1. Emphasizes reflection and thinking more than rules
2. Offers clarity on expectations and professional ethics
3. Encourages vision building and innovation
4. Responds to needs for resources
5. Creates working conditions conducive to providing quality care for children
6. Is pro-active on issues of diversity
7. Views problems as opportunity for creativity
8. Creates collegiality and desire for collaboration
9. Is fair and equitable in recognition and reward systems
10. Actively involves staff in decision making
11. Ensures that policies are clear and current
12. Has clear systems and procedures

Comments on specific aspects of the organizational culture that help you thrive or improvements you want to see:

Being Available and Supportive
1. Keeps staff informed of whereabouts when not in office
2. Offers assistance in addressing needs of individual children
3. Is available for help with curriculum ideas
4. Supports staff in working with parents
5. Offers thoughtful listening and problem solving
6. Advocates for staff and encourages them to advocate for self

Comments on specific ways you feel supported or want additional support:

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