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Disciplinarians or Transformers?

by Margie Carter
March/April 1992
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From down the hall I hear Sandra's voice grow louder, "It's a house." Then the unmistakably agitated voice of Leo, "No, it's not, it's a farm." As I anticipate the scream, I check my watch. Maria should still be working in the classroom -things will most likely be resolved without my involvement. If this were Judy's shift, she would surely bring Leo to my office for a long time out.

What is it that allows one teacher to work through classroom conflicts while another consistently loses it, resorting to a raised, threatening voice or punitive time outs? We have clear policies about child guidance; rules are posted in the room; and I've provided numerous handouts and suggestions. What kind of inservice training will help my teachers learn positive conflict resolution skills?

My heart goes out to director after director who tells me about this opening scene, seeking a staff training remedy. Like these directors, I am committed to non-violent problem solving and want to see this taught and practiced in classrooms everywhere. But how do we translate the concept of a conflict resolution curriculum into everyday practice? What will enable teachers to "get it" and respond ...

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