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Docia Shares a Story About Friendship

by Docia Zavitkovsky
September/October 1996
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There is something wonderful about having friends - first friends, new friends, best friends, old friends - companionable, trusting, supportive friends.

Friendships begin when one is little. If there are opportunities to build friendly, meaningful relationships during this stage of development, the chances are that friendly, meaningful relationships will continue to develop as children grow older.

What do four year olds think a friend is? Here are some of the answers children at the John Adams Child Development Center gave:

Joaquin: A friend you play with like Chloe. I don't have any friends at home 'cause my mom and Vince are bigger.

Kyle: A friend is someone who plays with you. I know Eduardo's my friend because he always plays with me.

Tiffany: A friend means to share things, and to play, and to swing with each other. You could play on the jungle gym with a friend. Friends talk to friends when they're friendly.

Andrea: Ashley is a little friend. She plays with me. She hugs me. My mom hugs me, too. She's a big friend.

Darrel: A friend is what you like and what you love and he's your favorite friend. A friend you play with. A friend you ...

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