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Docia Shares a Story About Getting the Facts

by Docia Zavitkovsky
July/August 1991
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I listened as a director made a decision based on hearsay evidence and was not surprised when I was told she later retracted her decision because new information was presented. It recalled an incident that happened when I called for my daughter at preschool and was told by the teacher that a child had hit Ann and bruised her arm.

I was indignant when I was told it was big, strong, four year old Billy. How could the teacher have let him hit my sweet, beautiful, defenseless little girl?

And then came the moment of truth. The teacher said, "Ann, maybe you can tell your mother what made Billy so angry he hit you." Ann said, "I hit him with a hammer (fortunately a rubber mallet) 'cause he was taking my blocks."

Ann's answer taught me a lesson. One should get the facts before passing judgment. This holds true whatever the problem and whatever one's role - parent, teacher, administrator. Just as there are two sides to a sheet of fly paper and it makes a difference on which side the fly lights, so too are there two sides to any situation. Unless ...

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