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Docia Shares a Story About Taking Time to Talk

by Docia Zavitkovsky
January/February 1994
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When I had surgery on my face, it took a long time to heal. I would go to a center and the children would run over to me to look and to ask me about my "sore." Always there were three questions - "Does it hurt?" "What is it?" and "How did you get it?" This was always followed by much sharing of cuts, scratches, and bruises. Some of these injuries were so minute that a magnifying glass was needed, and some, though searched for diligently, could not be seen at all. There were also countless requests for bandaids.

We would talk about why it was necessary to keep the wound covered so it would stay clean and not become infected. One time we got into a discussion about germs. One child said that "a germ is something that gets in your hair sometimes . . . it is a flea or something . . . it's big . . . sometimes it goes in people's houses. I think my neighbor has germs."

I am always impressed with how much talking and reacting has to take place when an experience has meaning for a child ...

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