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Docia Shares a Story About the Battleground of Bedtime

by Docia Zavitkovsky
March/April 1978
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I was watching some three and four year olds at rest time and thinking how peaceful and comfortable they looked - even the most energetic, into everything, and I'll test you to the limit ones. I had the feeling this was so because the children and adults were in tune with one another. They understood and accepted the daily routine of toileting, washing, and getting ready for a relaxed, quiet time.

The children were an integral part of the decision making process - could choose whether to rest or sleep (though most of them fell asleep), have their backs rubbed or patted, use their own blankets, cuddle a favorite toy.

How different those places where the adult was in complete control and obedience was expected. Children and adults were not in tune, and children tested and resisted any attempt by those in charge for them to "be quiet," "turn over," "lie still," and "go to sleep."

If we want young children to have a healthy attitude about sleep, rest, and going to bed, we should keep discipline out of the picture. Too often we give mixed messages.

On the one hand we say, "Time to rest or ...

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