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Docia Shares a Story About Whole Body Messages

by Docia Zavitkovsky
July/August 1994
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Rose Honda was telling me how she was doing some exercises while helping children wash and get ready for lunch. A little girl who had been watching her asked, "Miss Honda, do you have to go potty?"

Rose's story reminds me of the child who asked me why I always made my nose wiggle like a rabbit. It seems that I would do this when I tried to get my sliding glasses back in place.

I remember Mabel telling me that a child in her group told her, "You take up all the chair. You need two chairs."

We find incidents like these humorous. We can relax and laugh, though sometimes we have to admit the happenings are funnier in retrospect than when they occur.

It is interesting and important to note that when subjects are more serious in nature - falls, illness, behavior, fears - one's demeanor, facial expression, voice, and body language change.

The next time you feel frustrated, angry, depressed, happy, exuberant, loving, or caring, observe how the children in your center respond to you. You may be surprised, even amazed, at how aware they are and how sensitive to the messages you are ...

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