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Docia Shares a Story - Art Experiences

by Docia Zavitkovsky
January/February 2001
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arsha was a teacher at the Lincoln Child Development Center in Santa Monica who died at much too early an age. She left a wealth of materials which teachers, including me, continue to use.

It was always a joy to walk into Marsha's room when children were using art materials. You never knew what you would find, but you could be sure it would be something interesting. I remember a particular day when the children - after a discussion at their morning group meeting about what they wanted to do - decided they would like to draw anything that came to mind. Marsha, who had planned a different activity, had the ability to go with the flow. She supported the children's choice, made materials available, and was there to assist as needed. Without criticism or teacher interference, she gave the children the freedom to express their thoughts and feelings in their own way. She was more concerned with the process than the product. The highlight for the children was when they arranged and put their drawings on a bulletin board for others to see. One of my favorites is below - original, novel, reflective, and, yes, developmentally appropriate.

These pictures brought back a ...

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