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Docia Shares a Story - Interacting with Children

by Docia Zavitkovsky
May/June 1999
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Since I am no longer in a classroom every day, I have added other places to my observing-listening list. Markets, department stores, dental and medical offices, airports, restaurants, playgrounds, parks, zoos, banks, buses, libraries, museums, shoe stores, drug stores, and planes provide a wealth of material about how adults talk and interact with young children, carry out routine situations, handle discipline problems, give special attention when needed, and serve as models.

Last week, while waiting for a prescription to be filled, I found myself listening to conversations going on between children and mothers in the adjoining toy and game section of the drugstore. The children had one thing in mind - buy something. The parents had the opposite in mind - buy nothing and move out of the section as quickly as possible.

Children said, "I want that one." "Can I have this one?" "Why can't I have this?" "Look at this. I don't have this. Please, please, please." "I don't want that. It's ugly. I want this."

Parents said, "Not today. Another time." "It costs too much." "Put it back." "I said no and I'm not going to say it again." "You already have that." "Don't even pretend there is something here you ...

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