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Docia Shares a Story: There Never Seems Enough Time

by Docia Zavitkovsky
January/February 2007
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A verse by Eleanor Furjion begins, "There isn't time, there isn't time, to do the things I want to
do . . . "

These words brought back memories of many years ago when I wanted to write short rhymes about young children and their doings that could be put on the bulletin board for teachers and parents to read and enjoy rhymes that dealt with manipulative, over-active, shy, and withdrawn children, children who didn't follow directions, were bossy, always in motion. There never seemed to be enough time, though, to get this project started.

Lately, as I was sorting through "stuff" from staff meetings in the 1940s, I found several rhymes written by staff that were put on bulletin boards of two child development centers. I clearly recall how great the discussions about them were, and how there was a hope that they could become a regular part of our staff meetings. But, as before, there never seemed enough time to get the project started.

The following are two rhymes that remained intact:

Yesterday he found himself,
Alone out in the hall,
And took out his crayolas,
And colored on the wall.
His mother wasn't happy
To see what he had done,
She couldn't even understand
Why he thought ...

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