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Early Childhood Worldwide - More Alike than Different

by David P. Weikart
March/April 1999
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For the past 12 years, the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation has been coordinating an international study on the nature, quality, and effects of the experiences of children prior to formal schooling. The purposes of the IEA Preprimary Project, conducted under the auspices of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), are to identify the settings in which young children of various nations spend their time; to assess the quality of life for children in these settings; and to determine how these settings affect children's intellectual, social, and academic development at age seven. To learn some of the early findings of this research, Child Care Information Exchange interviewed David P. Weikart, founder and president of the High/Scope Foundation for this issue. In addition, we have invited Dr. Weikart to present updated findings of this study at the World Forum on Early Care and Education (see pages 28 and 29) taking place in April of this year.

Nature of the Study

Exchange: To begin, can you provide us with an overview of how the research was conducted?

Weikart: The IEA Preprimary Project consisted of three phases of research. The first phase, conducted from 1986 through 1992, consisted of a review of national policies ...

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