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Encouraging Preschoolers' Early Writing Efforts

by Leslie Falconer
November/December 2010
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If there’s one object common to preschools and child care centers the world over, it’s pieces of paper covered with looping scribbles made by small hands learning to hold a pencil or crayon. The next time you’re cleaning up at the end of a busy day, though, consider taking a closer look at those scribbles. They’re actually samples of early writing, and an invitation for you to channel those small hands into recording their new ideas and creative thoughts.

Early literacy development: Reading and writing go together

Much has been made by early childhood educators about the importance of activities that foster early reading " and deservedly so " but studies show that reading and writing are skills that children develop simultaneously. Early reading is supported and improved by early writing. Young children need reading to help them learn about writing, and they need writing to learn about reading (Roskos, Christie, & Richgels, 2003).

Reading and writing development

“One area of development supports the other,” says Heather Benson of Reading Is Fundamental. “It is as important for teachers to provide a variety of authentic writing experiences as it is to provide opportunities to explore and learn about reading. Incorporating writing into your daily schedule ...

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