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Enjoy a Docia Story - About "Feelings"

by Docia Zavitkovsky
January/February 1991
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It was a beautiful day and the children were playing outdoors. One group of four year olds were playing hospital. Some children were lying on the ground, and other children were busy taking care of them.

As we watched and wondered where the idea had originated, one of the children came to the teacher and asked for some blankets and bandaids. The teacher asked her why she wanted them, and she answered that there were a lot of hurt people. When the teacher asked how they got hurt, she said, "A plane fell out of the sky. It was on TV. There were people all over the ground. Some of them were crying."

How sad it would have been if the teacher had said (and there are teachers who would have), "You know blankets can't be on the ground and anyhow it is time to come in now. I have collage material for you to play with."

But the teacher in this case was perceptive and tuned in to what the child was saying. She got some old blankets and other supplies for the children to use. She took advantage ...

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