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Fantasy Fruit Garden

by Buffy Owens
March/April 2009
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1 pineapple
1 cantaloupe
1 seedless watermelon
2 kiwi

You will need:

• Skewers or coffee stirrers
• Uncooked rice or a piece of melon rind
• Styrofoam® (your choice, you may just use the melon rind)
• Vase
• Plate

We eat with our eyes and cook with our hearts, and this is a great way to get children to make something besides cookies with their cutters. There are some new culinary concepts for this exercise, but once learned you will find that you can be quite creative with a variety of things. We are going to learn to ‘skin’ a piece of fruit and then ‘plank’ it. By doing this, you will have flat pieces of fruit that can be cut with cookie cutters and displayed.

First wash, then cut the tops and bottoms off of your fruit that has skins so they will be steady on your cutting board. Now that the fruit is stable it is time to skin it. Place your knife at the top between the meat of the fruit and the skin, and follow the line of the fruit around the curve and to the bottom. Don’t worry if you leave some white or green portion, as it will probably be cut off ...

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