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Field Trips: Liability Issues and Best Practices

by Michelle H. McGinnis, Veronica Getskow, and Brian S. Dicker
March/April 2011
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A field trip for preschool children can be a rewarding experience, but if not properly planned and executed it can be a legal nightmare for teachers and owners. This article will take you through a hypothetical outing. If you spot mistakes before we highlight them, great, and if not, you will learn some fine points during this little excursion.

The older class at Tiny Tots PreSchool was studying the letter ‘F’ when five- year old Sally, a precocious little blue-eyed blonde with a full head of steam blurted out, “F stands for field trip!”

“I know all about field trips,” Sally continued. “My brother is in the third grade and they just went on a field trip. We should go on a field trip! We should go to the Rose Garden!” And with that, the wheels were set in motion for the first-ever Tiny Tots PreSchool field trip.

Mrs. Richardson (the school’s owner) and Mrs. Runyan agreed the Rose Garden would be the perfect location for a field trip and picnic lunch. It was decided that Mrs. Martinez should join Mrs. Runyan in leading the outing with the 15 children. Although the required ratio of teachers to students varies by state, two teachers ...

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