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From a Parent's Perspective - Biting

by Roslyn Duffy
November/December 1998
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- Situation -

My daughter just turned 16 months old. Last week she bit two children at her child care. She seems to bite when she is frustrated. I am afraid she will be kicked out of child care if her biting continues. How can I stop her from biting? My mother says to bite her back, but that seems crazy to me. Her dad says a spanking will grab her attention, but I really don't want to hit her. Time out doesn't seem to have any effect. The problem is I don't know what else to do.

- Solution -

Biting raises many strong emotions. When the subject of biting comes up, parents glance away uneasily and child care directors get a concerned look. We feel awful when a little one turns tear-filled eyes towards us while holding up an arm marked with an unmistakable red welt.

There seem to be two categories of biting. The largest consists of biting that occurs from about 14 months to 3 years of age. The second category sweeps together biting which occurs from the late preschool years onward.

In the first instance, biting corresponds to developmental stages. It is this first type of biting that will be ...

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