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From Play to Practice: Connecting Teachers' Play to Children's Learning

by Marcia L. Nell & Walter F. Drew, with Deborah E. Bush
ITEM #: 4130001

How do we help teachers deepen their understanding of the importance of play? How do we strengthen teachers’ ability to skillfully and intentionally guide children’s learning through play?

When teachers engage in creative, open-ended play experiences, they learn firsthand the power of play. They also become more knowledgeable about the purposeful use of materials and intentional teaching strategies they can use to help children engage in open-ended play.

The play workshop experiences for educators that are outlined in the book help teachers understand and promote play-based learning as part of developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood programs. Journal reflections of play participants, along with photos from play workshops, illustrate the power of play to change professional and personal lives.

As described by Elizabeth Jones in the foreword, “This book offers a challenge to rediscover play with stuff, and to build one’s understanding of children’s learning through reflection on one’s own play experience.”

"Now more than ever, children need help connecting deeply to learning through play. From Play to Practice is exactly the book teachers need to help make this happen."

" Diane E. Levin, Professor, Early Childhood Education, Wheelock College

ISBN: 978-1-928896-93-7