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From Surviving to Thriving

by Margie Carter
March/April 2009
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Over the last ten years or so Deb Curtis and I had the splendid opportunity to work alongside the late Tom Hunter with a particular focus on bringing encouragement and nourishment to beleaguered early childhood folks. Our sessions included Tom’s wonderful songs, stories, and poems we gathered, and interactive experiences to reconnect people with their dreams, sources of strength, and collective power. With Tom’s death, Deb and I are committed to including more music in the work we do together; and we find that is enlivening us as much as the folks we work with. Today, more than ever, we feel called to bring support and sustenance to those who are on the front lines of early care and education. We don’t see this as fluff or extraneous to the professional development work in our field. Rather, our work with Tom led us to frame a message to claim our responsibility to live fully in order to do our work well.

It is not uncommon for early childhood administrators to feel they don’t really have a life outside of the demands of their jobs. After long days keeping their centers on track, directors are often in meetings or ...

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