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ROW Collection Package (set of 4)

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The Reimagining Our Work (ROW) collection is a series of stories written by early childhood educators that illuminate the pedagogical approach described in the foundational text From Teaching to Thinking.

This approach includes a commitment to social justice, deep listening, thoughtful meaning-making about children's conversations, play, and representations, documentation that foregrounds educators' thinking, anchored by a workplace culture of inquiry that promotes strong identities and learning for children and educators alike.

Use the ROW collection to discover how early childhood educators in the field are reimagining their work and thinking alongside children in this innovative collection of stories.

This package includes:

From Teaching to Thinking:
a Pedogogy for Reimagining our Work

by Ann Pelo and Margie Carter, From Teaching to Thinking offers a passionate and thought-provoking alternative to standardized, scripted curriculum, giving educators support and encouragement to reimagine the beauty and wonder of what education could be.

A Vibrant Vessel of Learning and Creativity

by Bridgette Towle and Angela Heape whom are two masterful teacher researchers that tell the story of an unexpected co-created project of investigation. Children pursue ideas of meaning and substance with educators' companionship and mentorship. And educators strive to understand and strengthen children's thinking about their pursuits. It is the story of co-constructed learning at its best—inspiring you to look for, and engage in, transformations of your own.

You Can't Celebrate That!
Navigating the Deep Waters of Social Justice Teaching
by Nadia Jaboneta is a compelling story of an educator's social justice journey as she partners with families to explore racial identity, religious celebrations, and racism in response to a biased comment by one child to another child in her diverse preschool class. We see Nadia's engagement with her co-workers and administrators begin to move their school to new understandings of the fourth Anti-Bias goal—taking action.

Treasures in the Thicket:
Exploring Children's
Visible Thinking
Tesoros en el monte:
Una Exploración al pensamiento
visible de los ñinos

by Bethica Quinn with Rosalina Rodriguez is a tender, visually engaging book, in Spanish and English, by an educator in a Spanish-immersion preschool reflecting on her experience of supporting children to create a book about the animals of San Francisco, and what she learned about the power of representational languages to express values and culture.