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Getting Legislators Out of the Statehouse and Into Your Program

by Eric Karolak
November/December 2009
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Another way to take action!

All of us in the early childhood field have been asked to ‘take action’ many times to get the attention of state or ­federal elected officials. You make calls and send letters, participate in action days in your capital city, and you may even meet regularly with the officials who represent you and your community. In Congress and in the states, there are ‘champions’ for early care and education programs " those who ‘get it’ and have taken the lead on improving policies and supporting funding. But for the others . . . do you ever get the feeling they don’t quite know what you’re talking about?

One of the best ways to help state and federal elected officials understand child care and early education in this country is to show them. Inviting them to visit a child care program can help them engage in their community.

Connecting policy and practice

A site visit moves beyond the fact sheets, numbers, and talking points of a regular meeting. You might be surprised to hear that votes have been changed and policies have moved because someone showed these decision-makers what was going on in the community. Someone showed them ...

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