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Getting Organized: 50 Ideas for More Effective Use of Your Time

by Roger Neugebauer
March/April 1982
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Recently I received a note from a former subscriber who commented: "I love Child Care Information Exchange; but I let my subscription expire because, being a director, I never have time to read it." This really got my adrenaline flowing. I decided it was a problem of crisis proportions if directors were so crunched for time that they couldn't read Child Care Information Exchange!

So in order to help directors regain control of how they spend their time (and to avoid losing subscribers), I pulled together the following list of 50 practical time management techniques. These were selected to deal with the most common time problems of child care directorsâ€"too much paperwork, too many tasks, too many crises, too many interruptions, and too little time to relax.

Cut Down on Paperwork

Paperwork has become a major source of frustration for child care directors. In fact government researchers estimate that every year four centers are totally buried in a blitz of paperwork and red tape and 3500 directors are afflicted by chronic paper cuts. While scientists have not yet discovered a cure for the common paperwork, there are some techniques for treating its symptoms:
• Engage in Creative Waste Basketry. Be guided by the maxim, "When ...

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