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Giving Ourselves Permission to Take Risks

by Elizabeth Jones
July/August 2012
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“He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.”
Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Well-behaved children and adults, in many communities, don’t think for themselves.

Their parents and their teachers have trained them to do what they’re told " and they do.

That keeps life predictable for everyone.

Thinkers may come up with new ideas. New ideas threaten the status quo " the way things are supposed to be. Thinkers who come up with big ideas can get in serious trouble.

To have ideas is risky. To act on ideas is even riskier.

What’s a Risk?

It’s when you don’t know what will happen when you take action. Risks can be little or big, calculated or stupid. In an era when more people live longer and healthier and more comfortably than ever before, our society seems to have become addicted to ‘risk-free’ as a goal. If something bad happens, there’s a quick search for someone to blame " and to sue. It must be someone else’s fault, and they owe us. But risk management, not risk prevention, is the only realistic survival strategy. In an era of bubble-wrapped babies and nature-deprivation, we need to remember that growth is risky " and it needs to be. ...

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