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Goals: Be SMART

by Dennis Vicars
March/April 2014
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I have always found the idea of goals an interesting topic. Interesting in that everyone understands what the word means, but usually has no idea of the necessity of establishing them to achieve things in life. Unfortunately, even those folks who claim to have goals have a difficult time explaining the specifics: how, when, and where. For example, my mother has had the goal to stop smoking for 40 years, but she cannot tell you when she’ll stop, how she’ll stop, or what will be her measurement for success. In other words, she, like so many people, has hope " not a goal. Hope is not a strategy for success!

All too often we allow our schools to go the same path as people: lots of hope, but no solid goals for achieving success. Many of us have plodded along month after month, year after year, hoping that enrollment will increase or that our preschool teacher will stop her drama with the other teachers or that the cook will be on time to work. Nothing is going to change until those of us in leadership decide to make change by implementing goals, which will get our schools to a better place.

Okay, simple ...

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