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Going Green: The Power of the Individual

by Adam Neugebauer
January/February 2009
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“What good can I really do?”

I recently found myself fielding a tangentially related question when my parents asked me if I wanted to speak at the 2008 Working Forum on Nature Education for Young Children in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Sure I was interested, but I work in energy efficiency for residential construction, not early childhood education. So what good could I really do at this event? This question even followed me up to the podium. Afterwards, however, I received some very rewarding feedback, including a few excellent follow-up questions, revealing the common ground for which I had been looking. And while some may experience it as an indeterminate pang of frustration or a nagging feeling of powerlessness, it all boils down to the same question: “What can I really do?”

Personally, I have been asking myself this question for the last half of my life. And I’ve never had much of an answer beyond the desire to get into the green collar industry. But even making it there didn’t seem to provide a satisfactory conclusion.

I was at my new job where, in a nutshell, we work with builders to help them construct energy-efficient homes. However, when I looked around the office I ...

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