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Growing a Vision - Growing Your Staff

by Margie Carter
March/April 1997
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Last week I walked into a child care center office and found a co-worker standing behind a seated director gently rubbing her shoulders and offering reminders to breath deeply as the director faced the computer. This comforting scene was quickly followed by an incessant ringing of the telephone, a teacher yelling for help with a child who had just vomited, and a parent in tears with the news of being "downsized." I went off in search of a mop.

It's no secret that child care directors wear far more hats than your average saint. No wonder that heavy weight frequently translates to a chronic stiff neck and tight shoulders. The program referred to here is regarded as one of the best in our city. They are accredited and have a highly capable director and staff and more financial stability than most small centers. Still they experience the ebb and flow of crises that plague most child care programs.

Somehow they manage to not only hold on during this roller coaster ride, but to enhance the quality of their program as they come over each hill. I want to pinpoint what accounts for this tenacity because what Hilltop Children's Center and others like ...

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