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Growing and Watching: For Profit Organizations Cautious About 2009

by Roger Neugebauer, Shasta Zenelle Weiss, and Mike Wilson
January/February 2009
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"Even though the economy was shaky in 2008, we managed to keep growing. As we look ahead to 2009, and an even shakier economy, we are holding off on any expansion until we see how deep and long-lasting this downturn will be."

This observation, by the CEO of one of North America's largest for profit organizations, pretty much sums up current developments in the entire for profit sector. The good news is that despite a slowing economy, many larger for profit organizations managed to expand last year. In fact, in 2008, 22 of the 25 largest organizations surveyed in our report on the Top 40 For Profit Child Care Organizations in North America (see Exchange Top 50 on page 24) increased the number of centers they operate. Most notably :

• Nobel Learning Communities added 28 centers (19% increase);
• ChildCare Network added 13 centers (9% increase);
• The Sunshine House added 10 centers (7% increase);
• Children's Choice Learning Centers added 12 centers (57% increase);
• Children of America added 8 centers (50% increase);
• Tot-Time Child Development Centers added 6 centers (29% increase);
• Goddard Systems franchised an additional 64 centers (24% increase).
Ownership changes

During 2008, the second and third largest for profit organizations experienced changes in ownership…

• ...

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