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Growing Your Business by Adapting Employer Child Care Practices

by Becky Spencer
May/June 2012
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As an early childhood professional for 30 years operating both traditional and employer child care programs, I believe that traditional center owners and operators have an opportunity to grow their business, serve more children and families, and stay relevant for future workforce needs by integrating employer child care practices into their business plans. My corporate experience includes a major hospital system in Ohio, a large automaker union based in Michigan, and an entertainment company in ­Florida. Each had unique needs for their employees that local centers were not meeting. This article will: 1) Take a look at why these businesses chose to ­provide employer child care services for their employees; 2) Define the differences and challenges of traditional and employer child care centers; and 3) Highlight the new features traditional centers could add to their center ­operations.

What is Employer Child Care?

Employer child care is when an employer offers child care services to its employees to improve attendance and efficiency, to increase employees’ access to unique child care services not typically offered in the community, and to retain high-quality employees by offering a service not available through their competitors.

For a successful employer child care program, the stakeholders must value the education ...

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