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Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Build Your Business

by Mark Mahoney
November/December 2010
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Tweeting and FBing are common activities and well-known phrases among the 'socially' in-the-know: Specifically the 'social media' in-the-know. If you're in the dark about what these terms are all about, chances are you are missing the social media craze and the many social media vehicles that are out there.

What is social media?

Social media is the latest way that people are discovering, sharing, and reading information of all kinds from a broad range of sources. Social media has blended sociology and technology to transform the way people communicate and interact. Social media operates on social media networks. These are Internet sites web-based tools and services that are designed with the purpose of helping people and companies connect and interact instantaneously and with asynchronous feedback. (Asynchronous feedback is response that happens subsequent to the original communication.) Can social media outlets help you generate leads and increase your enrollment? I believe they can.

Here I will provide you with very basic profiles of some of the social media sites and tools available free of charge and introduce you to ways that you can begin to use them to increase your enrollment and maintain your currently enrolled families. My hope is that I ...

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