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Helping Children to See Themselves and Each Other

by Deb Curtis
January/February 2012
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The table was filled with hundreds of buttons. They invited the children to immerse themselves in the treasure for exploration and discovery.

Charlie, you immediately leaned over the tray of buttons and thoughtfully picked up and studied one button at a time. I wondered what you noticed as you carefully examined each button. You showed remarkable attention to detail as you worked, methodically sorting and classifying the buttons into piles and then creating a design with the buttons based on the attributes you noticed. Though I didn't hear you speak, I was fascinated by the intensity in your eyes, your facial expressions, and your body language as you worked.

Seeing children noticing the details of their actions and words and seeking their perspective to catch a glimpse of how they experience the world brings joy and deeper understanding to my work and life. Over the years I've cultivated the practice of slowing down and observing closely to see the child's point of view. I've discovered that when I intentionally share the details of what I notice with the children, many positive things unfold.

Young children at play are deeply engaged in the here-and-now of what they are doing. They ...

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