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‘Hold Harmless’ Option for Staff Babysitting and Employee References

by Holly Elissa Bruno
May/June 2010
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CASE STUDY 1: Teacher Ramona is stunned. She babysits for the Williams family. The Williams’ twins are in her preschool class. Ramona loves the twins and depends on the babysitting income. Today Ramona’s director, Isaiah, announces a new policy: Staff members may not babysit for program families. “That can’t be right!” Ramona gasps.

CASE STUDY 2: Director Isaiah is frustrated. He is interviewing applicants for infant/toddler lead teacher. Every time he calls for a reference, he is told, “Our policy is to release only whether the person worked for us or not, plus her/his dates of employment.” Isaiah needs to know the applicant’s classroom management skills, creativity with curriculum, and ability to work with special needs children. “How am I supposed to find the best candidate when I can’t get any substantive information?” Isaiah fumes.

Help for Ramona, Isaiah, and all of us may be on the way in the form of ‘hold harmless’ documents that allow for flexibility in enforcing program policies. Let’s take a look at how ‘hold harmless’ can make a difference to both teachers and administrators.

When staff babysit for program families

Early childhood teachers like Ramona often work multiple jobs to survive financially. Over the years, teachers have ...

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