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Kicked Out of Preschool

by Readers’ responses to ExchangeEveryDay
March/April 2009
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The ExchangeEveryDay message on July 17, 2008, “Kicked Out of Preschool” and a follow up on August 1, elicited nearly 100 responses from readers. If you would like to read the original message, as well as all the responses, you can do so by going to www.ChildCareExchange.com,
clicking on ‘Previous Issues’ under ExchangeEveryDay, and then scroll down to July 17 and August 1.

Cara Koch, Colorado Springs, Colorado:
Based on my observations, it is my belief that some of the kicking out of preschools goes far beyond inappropriate expectations of this age group. When children’s basic needs are not met at home, for whatever reason, acting out in preschool is a cry for help that may be a child’s desperate effort to get his or her needs met. Children of deployed parents are one example of this. Administrators refer to the ‘new norm’ of behavior in centers serving large numbers of such children who act out at an unprecedented level. It is my belief that much research is needed in this area to determine better ways of working with such children and to establish policies that better meet the needs of military families.

Doreen, Little Lambs Preschool, Hartford, Wisconsin: My son, who is now ...

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