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Knock, Knock...Who’s There?

by Dennis Vicars
November/December 2009
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“Good management begins with good people”

Okay, let’s go through our checklist:

" As a staff we have put together our marketing plan (‘outreach’ for our agency friends) for the year with quarterly goals, monthly calendar objectives, a mechanism for tracking success, and contingency plans ready should they need to be ­employed.

" We have looked at our demographics and know who our parents and
families are and who we need to reach out to for enrollment opportunities.

" Our “Absolute Excellent Service” plan is in effect with all staff on board.

" All staff is trained on appropriate telephone skills and appreciates the $17.00 investment.

" Our web site is inviting, interactive, and appeals to the 20- and 30-
something parents.

Hmm. . . . What am I forgetting? Oh yes, the reason for doing all these things " the tour! The moment of truth. That special time when a parent drives up to your school or center and begins making judgments from the ­moment he or she arrives in your parking lot. Is the pavement in good repair? Are the parking spaces clearly marked? In the parent’s mind, the tour has already begun. As the parent approaches the building, he or she continues forming opinions made about ...

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