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"La Casa de los Niños" AMI

by Etienne Moine
May/June 2014
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We are born with all the wisdom in order to perform a full life. No one has to tell the seed of corn how to grow her roots, her stalks, her flowers, or her cob; she knows perfectly well how to do it. The task for the farmer is to ensure that the environment is favorable to the plant, that it has enough water and food, and that predators do not destroy it.

The same is true with children. They come into the world with the wisdom for a full life. The task for us as educators is only to create a favorable environment for the development of the child, where he or she can freely choose what they need. Only they know their genuine needs to fully develop their own life.

This is what AMI offers in their children’s home in Cotacachi, Ecuador, a specially prepared environment providing freedom, security, love, and good food so that each one of these suffering children can find again their joy of life at their own rhythm. And that is what children are doing each day, living each moment with great freedom in a world with clear rules and limits.

Nobody has to tell them what ...

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